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The a2 Milk Company

We are a trusted global infant formula brand - with 10+ years of experience in infant formula category and we are at the forefront of dairy nutrition.

a2 Platinum® infant formula has been trusted by millions of families in Australia and China. We take great pride in nourishing babies around the world and are committed to bringing you a safe and trusted formula for your little one.

To this day our purpose remains the same, to enrich people’s lives through the wonder of nature – through the naturally occurring a2 Milk® difference.

diagram showing a2 Protein vs a1 + a2 Protein mix in ordinary milk

Strong dairy milk credentials

We are the only infant formula brand in the US with dairy credentials.

The first ingredients in a2 Platinum® are pure and fresh whole and nonfat a2 Milk® - real milk delivering valuable dairy nutrition. 

Our a2 Milk® is from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1.

  • Baby holding bottle

    Our product has been formulated for tiny tummies with milk containing only the A2 protein

  • Cows grazing on New Zealand farm

    a2 Platinum® is made from fresh and pure a2 Milk® from New Zealand 

  • Inter-racial Family

    a2 Platinum® is nutritionally complete with key ingredients essential for growth and development.  Contains vitamin E, prebiotics, DHA and choline.